Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who is Chikki?

That is me-Ria Lakshman V.

An aspiring journalist would be the right way to define me. It is now the gurukulam era and I spend part of the days honing my skills to accomplish the dream. The rest of the time I spend freelancing for few websites, newspapers and most importantly, to snore and eat. I do not claim to be a dexterous writer or a crackerjack in anything. Rather, I possess a passion for the career and own a determination to succeed.

Chikki4fun is a place for me to express myself with no Editor’s meddling. This is a podium for me to speak out and reach to similar minds. I do not limit the topics in this blog to anything particular. ‘Anything under the sun’ would be the apt connotation.

I have incorporated few of my works published in newspapers and other sources as well. These are the other extensions of my journey so far. I also plan to extend this blog into my other areas of interest - drawing and painting which are in the offing.

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