Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pepper and his Naimi

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“Wow! Isn’t that Naimi, the cute little princess with blue eyes?”, Pepper’s eyes got brightened seeing the lovely little girl in yellow frock on the street. Pepper always loved her and waited for her to come to the street. He was never allowed to go inside her house because he is a dirty, ugly street dog. People in the colony blame his presence to be a disturbance. Naimi was the only girl in the colony who showed care and affection to him. But she gets beaten by her father for playing with a street dog.

“No, poor Naimi would get hit from her parents. Let her go”, Pepper was reluctant to run to her, but after a while he could not stop himself. “She is alone. After all, what is wrong in seeing her? Let me go and see”. Pepper ran towards the girl who was walking slowly, pushing her cycle with the hand. He was careful not to touch her from behind as that could scare her. He couldn’t bear Naimi crying even for a silly reason. Pepper ran through the other side of the road and went ahead of her, so that she could see him.

“Pepper…!!” Naimi saw him and crossed the road to the dog. Pepper wailed lovingly, indicating that he missed her badly. “Where were you?”, Naimi asked him as she parked her cycle nearby. Naimi sat on ground and caressed through the soft hairs of Pepper. Pepper was feeling so happy that he started jumping around and licking all over her hands. Naimi took out few candies from her pocket and fed Pepper. Pepper wanted to be with Naimi all the time.

“Naimi…”, a male voice echoed in the street. “Oh, Dad is here. Run Pepper, Run!”, Naimi stood up and ran to her gate. Pepper felt sad, but he knew he has to go. Pepper gulped the candies and ran into the nearby bushes.
Pepper began his days by peeping into Naimi’s gate. He wanted to get a glimpse of her. But, he hardly saw her. It has been few days that Naimi was not seen around. Pepper doesn’t know what happened. He kept peeping and waited outside her gate. Every time, someone came and pushed Pepper away from the gate.

Days passed. Pepper became gloomy. He lost interest in the games he plays or in the food he eats. His fellow dogs started scolding him and sometimes even mocked him for being stupid. “We are street dogs - not meant to be loved”, they reminded him. But Pepper trusted Naimi. He believed she would come back for him.

It was a sunny evening. Pepper was simply walking through the streets. Today he took a new road. Unlike his regular road, it was busy. People were out for their evening walks and many walked with royal, glossy dogs tied in chains. Pepper was least bothered about them. He kept walking uninterestingly, without even passing a glance at them. But they seemed to be too bothered about the presence of a street dog in their area. The dogs kept barking at Pepper.

Their owners had a tough time making them quite. “Where does this stupid dog come from?” A lady asked pointing at Pepper. She was not blaming her own dog for the lack of manners, instead was blaming Pepper for invading into their territory. “You whore! Teach your dog to behave properly!”, thought Pepper. He wanted to say that loudly to her, but unfortunately he doesn’t know her language.

Pepper angrily walked faster. His eyes were looking straight and his head was held high. Suddenly, he saw a little girl at distance. He slowed down. “Yes, she looks familiar.” Pepper ran to the girl. She too carried a white Pomeranian dog in her hand. She has maintained it well that the dog looked like a white cotton ball altogether. 

Pepper recognized her. “Yes, that is Naimi!” He doesn’t want anything else in this world. His Naimi is back. She is there, just few steps ahead. Pepper ran to her in no time. He wailed a little louder that he couldn’t control himself. He ran to her legs, started licking her, moving his tail to and fro at the fastest pace.

“Hey, Go away!”, She kicked Pepper with her little boots. Pepper cried louder, more with the shock of getting kicked by his favorite Naimi than due to the pain of kick. “Has she forgotten me?”, Pepper thought for a moment while he stood up and shook his body.

Pepper looked around. Naimi already walked fast. She is too far now. Pepper could see her caressing the small Pomeranian dog she carried. Pepper couldn’t control himself. “How could she not care me?”. Pepper ran to her and gave a bite on her ankles. He could taste blood in his mouth. “Ooouuucchhh!!!..” Naimi started crying loud. People rushed to her and someone carried her away. A few of them threw stones at Pepper. He could hear them cursing him.
Pepper was locked inside some weird iron bars. Few people wearing hats came and caught him with a net while he was lying between bushes. Pepper was not sad at being caught. He was not bothered where he was being taken. He felt guilty that he bit Naimi. He felt sad that she did not care him.

“Why should Naimi avoid me? I bit her in anger. Shouldn’t I have the right to fight with the people I love? After all, she was the only one I cared for. She knew it as well…..” Hundreds of thoughts passed through Pepper’s mind. He couldn’t get an answer. May be my friends were right, that “I wasn’t meant to be loved.”


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