Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Simple ‘What I feel’ Post

After long days, I am back to Blogger. Several things changed in this two-year time. Primarily, I changed. Just to enunciate the change of direction happened to me, I would say, “Time always gives you an experience. You may feel it good or sometimes, bad. But, they happen for a reason, to push you forward with better energy.”

This is not a comeback post or a confession for not writing for so long. I still do not promise I would write on this platform every day. There is a broken laptop, a relocation happening in a week, and several other excuses that I can point out for going to miss writing on Blogger. So, this is simply a ‘what I feel’ post.

I sit here, within the four walls of a dusty messy room, filled with books, clothes, bags, computer, and many more things I fail to recognize. And, I imagine a 10-year old girl. She was lively, enthusiastic and cheerful. The world around her was nothing of what she dreamt of. She never had a similar kind of life like that of her friends. Instead, she had a rare story which you are yet to witness in movie or read in your most fabulous book. Through that rare story of her life, she walked ahead with her head high. May be for now, I would leave the girl to grow in your mind.

Instead, I can say the reason why I imagine her. I imagine her due to the power she showcased to walk ahead. She was so strong that she could simply decide to change a habit of hers, and begin doing it the next moment. She could plan a vision for her and begin working on it from the next second. It is not that she begin doing things, she did things consistently for so long that she always won.

I miss being that 10-year old girl. Each one of us miss being her in one way or the other. But, as someone said, there is no wrong time in doing right things. Let us go back to that childhood days of ours, where we were ‘less’ complicated companions of ourselves. Let us take a moment out from our busy life to think if we are on our right path, to think if we are happy, to think if we are making others happy. Importantly, let us imagine if we’re doing things what we actually wanted to do.


deeps said...

After long days? long months :))
wont be a bad idea to be more regular here na
someone else said, better to be late than never

chikki4fun said...

Hey!! Thank you so much.. Glad to know an author! It was nice reading your posts..Will try to grab few of your books.. N ya, I will try to be more regular here..:)