Friday, August 10, 2012

Anna Hazare Movement: A film that failed to impress

“The politicians are murderers, rapists, looters, liars, corrupt, cheaters, butchers... They are the worst creatures on earth...
Against them, I form a POLITICAL PARTY!!! Join me and fight for the cause...”

How naive this sounds?

After shouting everything possible against politicians, Anna wants to be one of them. Whose senses had lost? Frankly, nobody gives a damn about Anna’s party. Nobody wants it. Every politician confronting with his own party is coming up with another. Citizens are fed up!

We sensed a political entry when Anna first spoke in support of Narendra Modi. However, he corrected himself in a speech delivered at Gujarat later. Through strategically planned political gimmicks, Team Anna tried to gain a secular, anti-political visage. The support for Sanjay Bhatt, voices against ministers, constant speeches and interviews- all usual ploys were attempted. Yet, the collaboration with Baba Ramdev, the guy clad in saffron with strong Hindutva connections remained as a notable scar on their face.

Bluntly, Anna is just a face upfront and the brain behind is different. Hope it is that of Arvind Kejriwal’s. There could be multiple faces yet to be revealed. Whoever it is, let me tell you-The journey so far is fine. You raised a mass consciousness against corruption. Let us stop this here before heading into another cheap step of political option.

Overall, the Anna Hazare movement was like a film that failed to live up to the expectations of the audience. It was a beautifully shot flick, enriched with the colours of media support (the contrasts of the colors were heavy, actually it harmed the movie). But the climax was pathetic and Anna became a mass hero who betrayed his fans.

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