Friday, August 17, 2012

The tale of a broken heart

There was a time she could recognise his smell, hear his footsteps and predict his mind. All those time she thought he is the only man who could make her mad, happy and sexy. The days scrolled fast than ever and one day she sensed something is going wrong. She stood up sternly to untangle the shackles, only to realise it is a gone story. 

The days bought another face to her life, where she felt comfortable with. But her mind had a naughty propensity to compare the latter with the former. Again things went off the beam because she made the smallest mistakes of the latter big and protruded them to huge fights. The time lapsed and her mind got the power to wake up from the past. She began a new life with all the love and prosperity the latter gave her.

The hidden cruelty of mind still sustained. This time it was not the problem of her mind. It was that of the latter’s. The hurts her fights gave him were not healed in his mind. They made him a brutal monster and he began reacting senseless. Demands were the prime tool, many times, perhaps all the time she failed to fulfil them. Things worsened as he warned her that she would lose him. 

However, her mind thought the latter totally as hers and she felt there is no need to act. And, there she was becoming a fool being herself thinking his love weighed equally as that of hers. She kept weaving dreams about ‘their’ beautiful life and that hope was the only factor that helped her to sustain. 

One day, she ran to him seeking protection from something unhappy. He reacted politely, yet sternly “Everything is over between us”. Amid the busy world she stood alone, begging him to come back to their happy days. He was firm and looked as if he forgot the past. He could only count her negatives and said she never made him happy. His sweet words-I am so lucky to get you, I will never leave you, all those reflected in her mind. They still sounded sweet, but as lies. 

Midst of the vast ocean, there she swims directionless. No hopes, no dreams. Her face reflects an unsaid strength - The determination of not getting cheated again. 

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