Friday, August 30, 2013

A humble note to my fellow beings

“The primary source of Evil is human greed. It is our greed to extract more and more from Good that turns into Evil.”

I am reading the final book of the Shiva trilogy ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’ by Amish and the above lines are essentially what I got from it.  A mere merge of it in the context of present situations in my country proves it is aptly said. Sixty six years after independence, we still are not free. Our lives are crippled by the shackles of religion, greed, poverty and discrimination. We blame politicians, we blame system. And, we refuse to believe that the actual trouble makers are us. 

In the process of gaining luxury to lead our life, we forget the ill deeds we do to others and environment. To accommodate the dream of having a luxurious bungalow, we snatch the neighbor’s land or violate the building codes of the place. To make money, we evade from the responsibility of paying taxes. To build a swimming pool, you drain the water in the nearby place, which is supposed to be the drinking water for many. We explored earth, extract the maximum from it and now we need to explore universe. To meet our ego of social class, we create discrimination between rich and poor. We discriminate people based on religion, create political parties based on religion and to picture our community high, we degrade others. The environment is dying, the society is diminishing and the life is turning miserable in the country. 

The time has arrived that you need to answer yourself the question, “When will you be satisfied?” There should arise a moment we realize that the land is not just ours, but it also belongs to every other living thing around. Any problem can be solved with mere sensitivity to the fellow beings. No Shiva will emerge as savior and begin a war to end the greed of human race. It is just the Shiva from within us that would end the agonies.

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