Saturday, August 3, 2013

Telangana: Issues to ponder

More than four decades battle for a separate Telangana state is nearing to its closure. The recent political developments confirmed the formation of 29th state in India. On a positive note, the years of bloodshed happened for this reason is finally proving worthy. But for people like me, who look from outside, the situation raises few concerns.

Firstly, the success of Telangana could heavily promote other sectarians in the nation. There could be more wars demanding their own states (Already voices are being raised for a separate Rayalaseema state*). This purely questions our own Constitution that calls for unity. The political parties totally ignored the nation’s priority of ‘Fraternity’ and argued for a divided state. The ‘separate Telangana’ surely wouldn't have been a loud shibboleth if they did not support the movement.

The political gains parties get out the issue are the much hyped topic of today. Discussions are held on whether Congress made a right move by forming a separate Telangana. In fact, are these talks necessary? Citizens’ would soon declare their opinion in the 2014 general election.

Future of Telangana
Rather, it is crucial to talk about the betterment of the lives of people residing in Telangana. There are communities, especially the tribal sector in Telangana who are constantly neglected and deprived off their rights. Their exploitation of other classes of people is an often raised issue of the region. Will the formation of Telangana resolve this? Will the region sees a development in its education and healthcare aspects? An immediate emphasis should be given to such can of worms.

Telangana is a region that showed GDP growth rate better than Andhra Pradesh in yesteryears.* says that during the years 2001 to 2008, Telangana excluding Hyderabad showed a GDP growth rate of 60% (including Hyderabad the growth rate was 63%). On contrary, Andhra Pradesh showed a growth rate of 58% during the same tenure.

The data highlights two things – a) Telangana is a region that can stand by its own and b) Economic backwardness is not the reason for the demand of separate state. Whatsoever, let us hope that the development may not be a problem in that sense.

Hyderabad as a joint capital
Hyderabad, the princely state of Andhra Pradesh is now destined to serve as a joint capital for Telangana for the next ten years. Hyderabad is a region of utmost importance for Andhra Pradesh. Most of the revenue outcomes of Andhra Pradesh owe to this place. Currently, Andhra Pradesh as well as Telangana equally needs Hyderabad for their development. Under this scenario, will there be another fight between them for sharing Hyderabad? Chances cannot be ignored. Minor issues on sharing taxes or transport can activate another scuffle.

In order to avoid further bloodshed, people must be cautious about their political positions. Through the time, energy and amount wasted on war, it is their lives that are becoming poignant. Political parties can play their regular scoop games in the region, but it may provide another social stagnation.

On an overall note, let us hope that the formation of a separate Telangana state is beneficial. New government can come up with strategies that can erase the alienation existing in the place. But for this to happen, the agendas designed should focus on the people residing in the region rather than for power and money gains. 

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