Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Breaking news is breaking the head!!!

Lazy days are increasing in my life. It is either because I am growing lazy or because something else is preventing me from doing what I love the most. But, that is the reason why I am glued on sofa as a couch potato thinking innumerable things and creating stupid, sometimes not-so-stupid thoughts on things around. This time the thought is about the news channels.

Yes! Another Olympics. Although I am not a diehard sportsperson, I definitely owe to watch a few stunning games. It is not for the sake of seeing the winning medals, but for the colourfulness and cheer of the events. And there I am, surfing through the channels.

I reached channel No. 44 and ceased for a moment. There scrolls a breaking news-an update on Anna’s fast. He is healthy on the second day of the fast. The issue is really burning, not just on televisions, but in my mind as well. Lokpal bill-Would that not lead to a creation of a new Government above the existing one? As a citizen, I am too unfaithful because I pay bribes to make my things work fast. I have done it many times despite of knowing it is unlawful. Trust me, this does not mean that I am against Lokpal bill. I see the tortures at Government offices for getting a document signed. In addition, the shameful scams of the recent years. It is definitely high time to put an end to these torments. How about legalising the act of bribes? I still have not thought its pros and cons, especially because I felt the idea as little stupid.

Whatsoever, my thought was definitely not about Lokpal bill. It is time for me to continue my voyage. This time it is channel 37, again another breaking news scrolling. This time the topic was new and yes, it was about a verbal fight between two prominent ministers. My surfing continued. Channel No. 32, 28, 23, 22, 14, 9, 8, 3....every news channel had its share of breaking news. Interestingly, each one was different and I must say the first time read was worth.

As I said in the beginning, I still have lots of time and so, the browsing goes ascending. Channel No. 1, 3, 8, 9, 14, 22, 23...several news channels pass in front of my eyes, breaking the repeated news. I watched half an hour of Slumdog Millionaire and continued my surfing. Still the same breaking news passes through every channel. Which viewer in this country expects breaking news every second? I sincerely wanted to ask this question to the promo producers. I remembered the golden days when breaking news really meant something spontaneous and new. Isn’t it time to have a research to find viewers’ tastes rather than just calculating TRPs?

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Barby said...

Nice one.... a snap of common people's interest n an alert to channels...