Wednesday, July 25, 2012

There is a reason for everything to happen

There were times she wanted to be like other girls - Roaming around with friends, arguing for the latest gadgets at home, cheating parents, gift her boy friend the costliest gift. She never did any of these because she had a different life, difficult to explain to the world. She browsed internet, read books and watched movies to find a similar story as that of her life. Surprisingly, that remains hitherto unsaid.

When tears rolled down through her cheeks, she asked blatantly, “Why me?” Nobody could explain her reason, but somehow it was obvious that her walks of life are strange. She had a generous heart for not cursing the situations or the people who drove her life. Naturally, she became patient and that is where she won.

It is now the spring time for her. She is on a stable path, being respected and recognised. She is known for her uniqueness and charisma among the mass. Looking back, she says “My life had to be weird, to make me who I am”.

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