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Games which celebs play at party!

Party games are what spice up any get-togethers. Apart from the entertainment factor, they help break the ice and help guests bond better. We ask a few celebrities from the south Indian film industry, who are regulars at the party circuit, about their favourite party games.

The actor loves Taboo and Pictionary as they are activity oriented. However, Srikanth adds that he is selective when it comes to party games. "Most of the time, Pictionary and Taboo involve cheating and the teams end up fighting," quips Srikanth.

This Telugu star says he is a fan of Pictionary - the guessing game. The game is played with teams, with the players trying to identify the words from their friends' drawings. Nani says it is lot of fun to guess words by looking at the weird drawings. "I also enjoy distracting the opposite teams. However, Pictionary is really a hard nut to crack," he says. 

Jishnu Raghavan
Jishnu is yet another M-Town star, who loves to play Dumb Charades. "It is a lot of fun and even large groups can easily fit in. I also like to play Botticelli, where the player pretends he is a particular celebrity and reveals just the initial letter of the name, and the group will have to find out who he is," says Jishnu.

Asif Ali 
The most happening M-Town star says he is a fan of Truth or Dare, a game which is very popular among adolescents and children, but is sometimes played by adults too. "It's a game full of thrill and excitement and l love it," he says and adds that he always chooses dare and does anything daring that his friends ask of him. 

John Kokken 
This handsome villain's favourite game is Spin the Bottle, where people stand or sit or kneel in a circle. "It is the most embarrassing game at parties as the person who spins the bottle will have to kiss the person to whom the bottle points when it stops spinning," he says. He also finds a couple of other games such as Truth or Dare and Taboo - a word guessing game, very interesting.

Kailash loves the question game, in which the player is made to answer the questions about his chosen partner. "Mostly, the questions are too silly like the number of buttons on the partner's shirt or the brand of jeans that he is wearing and so on," says the actor, who claims to be an expert in the game by now. 

Meera Vasudevan 
Meera and her friends love card games and the movie guessing games, using only objects as hints. "We usually play the movie guessing games and the losers are made to do several activities which lead to a laugh riot. That is the best part of the game," she says.

Ranjini Haridas 
This small screen diva, who is all set to sizzle on the big screen, is a party animal. She loves to play Dumb Charades, which she finds very exciting. "We can begin Dumb Charades without any prior preparation. Also, I sometimes cheat friends by surfing the net on my phone for movie names," she says. Another game she loves to play is Poker, but only if she is partying with her close friends. 

Ria Lakshman V

This article is published in Times of India on 17th July 2012.

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