Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Girls are hard-core gamers too

... taking a liking for noisy boyish games than their mellowed down versions

Photo Courtesy: TOI
Youngsters are spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment, with a plethora of games at their disposal. However, most of the apps and online websites are compartmentalised for both genders — clear, calm and lightweight games for gals, and hard, tough and noisy games for guys. But girls don't want this exclusivity. "We are hard-core gamers too," they say.

Banushree, a college student, says, "I am a hard-core gamer. I need vigorous, stalwart games and not those cold, unexciting ones." However, most of the girls begin their visit to game zones with their male friends. "Girls often accompany boys. It is only after their second or third visit that they start playing on their own," says Jithu, a game zone manager in the city. He says little boys and girls are also his customers and are accompanied by their parents.

"Little girls are in fact addicted to play stations. We have a minimum of 15 to 20 customers per week and they are mostly girls," says a shopkeeper in the city. He adds that the trend is fast catching up and most of the homes have at least one play station. "Usually, parents purchase one set of games for the boys. Soon girls too get wooed by the excitement of the games from their brothers and naturally lose interest in playing soft games," says Dr Raveendran, a parent.

Gaming sure seems to have crossed the gender barrier!


This article is published in Times of India on 9th July 2012.

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